Welcome to Climblox.com

At Climblox we love climbing as much as you do. Big blocks, little blocks, cold blocks, loose blocks, hard blocks or easy blocks. We even like traversing. And we’re aiming to develop a range of products to help you get the most out of climbing. Gear with which you can excel. Whether that’s sieging eliminates in the local grit quarry, getting pumped on juggy choss piles or smashing copperheads into El Cap.

Whatever flicks your switch. We are based in Yorkshire, home to some of the country’s (and therefore the world’s) stiffest climbing challenges. So while we’re striving to bring you products which will make you more comfortable, more relaxed and more focused on the job in hand, we’re also dedicated to making sure you don’t turn up at the crag looking like your dad. It’s just not worth it. Remember to enjoy the experience. Burn off your mates. But most of all respect the rock. It doesn’t grow back and it has to last a long, long time.

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